20 February 2024

Blood Thirsty French-Indian Wars

A game was hosted depicting the French Indian Wars, of the 18th Century, on Monday night. The French, consisting of some regulars, French colonists and allied Huron Indians were tasked with burning down a British fort.

In reality, they come nowhere near, being driven off by disciplined (for a change) Highlanders, Rogers Rangers and allied Mohicans.

Rules used were Rebels and Patriots.

NB: There was also a Napoleonic game held in which a Spanish force successfully defended against a determined French assault.

13 February 2024

Irish Wars - Spanish Allies

In this encounter, the English force had to advance through a valley to capture the local Gaelic clan leader's stronghold. Facing them was an Irish rebel army, aided and abetted by some questionable Spanish allies.

Initially the English made good progress, but then they were confronted by a dastardly enemy trick - they were attacked by some Irish Kern, who had been hidden in hills and woods to their left flank. Nevertheless, these troublesome natives were eventually cleared from their positions. 

Then the Spanish made their appearance on the right flank. After the English soldiers recovered from the shock of seeing these strange men dressed, as it would seem, as ladies(!), the Spanish launched their attack. After some initial success, the Spanish sword and buckler men (or women) failed their morale check and routed. Following that, the Spaniards mainly resorted to shooting at the English from a safe distance.

Meanwhile in the centre the demi-lancers, pike and shot units proceeded to drive the outnumbered Irish from the field. 

Of note, was the inability (or reluctance) of the elite of Gaelic manhood - the Bonnachts - to engage the enemy. Instead they preferred to retire to the stronghold, before the battle was over, and remove all supplies and valuables, then taking to their heels in flight!

After the English captured the stronghold, they realised that anything of any value had been removed. This prompted them to burn the compound to the ground. And so ended another fun day of warfare in Elizabethan Ireland.

06 February 2024

Monday Napoleonics

Napoleonics is popular at the moment at the club - probably because everyone now has a reasonable sized army in 28mm.

In this game, a French force just about managed to winkle out a very timid Spanish/Portuguese defending army. The highlight/lowlight of the game was when the French commander of the Light Cavalry Brigade was mortally wounded in melee. Still - everything he gave, he gave for the glory of France

31 January 2024

AWI - Battle of The Clouds

At the club, a refight of the Battle of The clouds during the American War of Independence was hosted. The British seemed to have the unenviable task of dislodging the Americans from a defended ridge line. In the actual battle, fought in September 1777, there was a torrential downpour and the American cartridges were soaked and ruined by the rain. Washington was then forced to retreat, leaving the field to the British.

I didn't stay long enough to see if history was repeated or reversed, but a certain club member completely redeemed himself, after last week's despicable table-top cowardice (see 23rd January post), when he was seen admirably leading the Queen's Rangers in bravely attacking the American positions!